1. Are foreign entities eligible to submit for this RFP or is there a preference for U.S.-based production companies?
No problem with foreign entities submitting for this RFP.

2. Can entities propose an hourly rate and anticipated hours and add any non-labor related cost as a part of their budget.
Yes, rates, hours and cost can be a part of the budget for the project.

3. Can we already see some examples of the new graphics COL is developing (as mentioned in the RFP)?
Newly developed graphics can be found in the attached handouts and brochure as well as through the following links:

Research Arrays
Coastal Pioneer
Coastal Endurance
Global Argentine Basin
Global Irminger Sea
Global Southern Ocean
Global Station Papa
Regional Cabled Array
Cabled Continental Margin Array
Cabled Axial Seamount Array

Cabled Endurance Array

4. Will footage and imagery that Consortium for Ocean Leadership has in stock be available?
For this promotional video we will be using an archive of deployment footage that is currently held across the program. In some instances, this footage lives in-house at COL and in others we will be using footage from Marine Implementing Organizations. For example, here is some time-lapse footage of the Armstrong being loaded to service the Pioneer Array and here is a playlist of videos from Endurance Array cruises. We have still images from deployments available for use as well (see Photo Gallery). Additionally, we have access to a wealth of underwater HD video and still images from various OOI sites. As an example, here are some time-lapse videos of sections of a hydrothermal vent. Archives of all HD video can be found here. Collection of new footage would not be feasible under this budget/proposal.

5. Is there any plan for distribution of this video or is this a strategy you also want included in the proposal? Can it be budgeted? Will the video be posted on the Ocean Leadership YouTube channel? Can entities also propose to help with promotion by making short clips for social media?
The video will be posted on the OOI and COL websites and linked to through social media accounts associated with each. Because the video will be short, a social media clip is not necessary (but if such a clip can be produced within budget then that would be acceptable).

6. What is the budget range for the project?
The anticipated project budget is $25,000.00.