Program Management

The OOI is funded by the National Science Foundation and is managed and coordinated by the OOI Program Management Office at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) in Woods Hole, MA. WHOI is the leader, owner, and operator of the OOI and its infrastructure. In addition, WHOI is responsible for Operations and Management of the Coastal Global Scale Nodes component of the OOI.

The OOI includes subawards from WHOI to the University of Washington for operation and maintenance of the Regional Cabled Array seafloor systems and moorings, and to Oregon State University for operation and maintenance of the Coastal Endurance Array and maintenance of OOI’s cyberinfrastructure, which is housed at the OOI Data Center.

WHOI OOI PMO Personnel

Key OOI PMO Personnel

    • John Trowbridge, Principal Investigator
      Paul Matthias, Sr. Program Manager
      Laura Slicer, Finance Manager
      Matt Palanza, OOI Program Engineer
      Mark Hanson, Assistant Director, Grants and Contracts
      Jeffrey Glatstein, Data Delivery Manager
      Darlene Trew Crist, Community Engagement Manager

OOI Data Center: Oregon State University

OOI data are stored and served on cyberinfrastructure housed at the OOl Data Center at Oregon State University. The OOI Data Center manages and integrates data from all OOI sensors, linking marine infrastructure to scientists and users, and provides observatory mission command and control, data assessment and distribution, and long-term data management.

Key OSU Personnel

    • Anthony Koppers, Cyberinfrastructure Principal Investigator
      Craig Risien, Project Manager

Pioneer & Global Arrays: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution is responsible for the Coastal Global Scale Nodes, consisting of the Coastal Pioneer Array, and 3 Global Array moorings and their associated autonomous vehicles. The Coastal Pioneer Array is located off the mid-Atlantic coast. Global Arrays include three high latitude sites: Irminger Sea off Greenland, a reduced array in the Southern Ocean at 55°S, 90°W, and Ocean Station Papa in the Gulf of Alaska.

Key WHOI Personnel

    • Al Plueddemann, Project Scientist
      Derek Buffitt, Project Manager

Endurance Array: Oregon State University

Oregon State University is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Coastal Endurance Array moorings and autonomous vehicles. The Coastal Endurance Array is located in the Northeast Pacific.


Key OSU Personnel

    • Edward Dever, Project Scientist
      Jonathan Fram, Project Manager

Cabled Array: University of Washington

The University of Washington is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the OOI Cabled Array including its cabled seafloor systems and moorings.


Key UW Personnel

    • Deb Kelley, Chief Scientist
      Brian Ittig, Project Manager

UW Cabled Array