The Coastal Endurance Oregon Offshore Shallow Profiler Mooring is located on the Continental Slope, approximately 550 meters deep. The Continental Shelf-Slope area off the Oregon coast is a highly productive, dynamic upwelling environment. Upwelling brings nutrients to the surface sparking primary production and fueling the food web. In recent years, upwelling has also brought onto the shelf hypoxic, low oxygen, waters that can be harmful to organisms in the area. By sampling in this area, the OOI seeks to gain better insight into upwelling dynamics of this system.

As with other Cabled Shallow Profiler Moorings, this mooring is attached to a fiber-optic cable and contains a Shallow Profiler (SF01B), a 200m Platform (PC01B), and a Winch Controller (SC01B).  The Shallow Profiler houses scientific instrumentation and is tethered to a mooring-mounted winch that pays out line allowing the profiler to rises through the water column until fixed depth (20 m to 200 m below sea surface).  Instruments are also housed within the 200m Platform.  The fiber-optic cable provides the mooring with a large supply of power and bandwidth and is co-located with a Benthic Experiment Package, that collects complementary seafloor data.


This site includes following instruments. To learn more about an instrument type, select its name on the left. To see the relevant data streams for a particular instrument, select the instrument code in the first column which will take you to the OOI Data Portal.

Instrument Depth Node Instrument
Make & Model
CE04OSPS-SF01B-3A-FLORTD104 20 to 200 meters Shallow Profiler (SF01B) 3-Wavelength Fluorometer (FLORTD) WET Labs - ECO Triplet-w
CE04OSPS-PC01B-05-ZPLSCB102 200m 200m Platform (PC01B) Bio-acoustic Sonar (Coastal) (ZPLSCB) Kongsberg - Modified EK-60
CE04OSPS-PC01B-4A-CTDPFA109 200m 200m Platform (PC01B) CTD (CTDPFA) Sea-Bird - SBE 16plusV2
CE04OSPS-SF01B-2A-CTDPFA107 20 to 200 meters Shallow Profiler (SF01B) CTD (CTDPFA) Sea-Bird - SBE 16plusV2
CE04OSPS-PC01B-4A-DOSTAD109 200m 200m Platform (PC01B) Dissolved Oxygen (DOSTAD) Aanderaa - Optode 4831
CE04OSPS-SF01B-2A-DOFSTA107 20 to 200 meters Shallow Profiler (SF01B) Dissolved Oxygen (DOFSTA) Sea-Bird - SBE 43
CE04OSPS-SF01B-4A-NUTNRA102 20 to 200 meters Shallow Profiler (SF01B) Nitrate (NUTNRA) Sea-Bird - Deep SUNA
CE04OSPS-PC01B-4C-PCO2WA105 200m 200m Platform (PC01B) pCO2 Water (PCO2WA) Sunburst - SAMI-pCO2
CE04OSPS-SF01B-4F-PCO2WA102 20 to 200 meters Shallow Profiler (SF01B) pCO2 Water (PCO2WA) Sunburst - SAMI-pCO2
CE04OSPS-SF01B-3C-PARADA102 20 to 200 meters Shallow Profiler (SF01B) Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PARADA) Satlantic - digital PAR
CE04OSPS-PC01B-4B-PHSENA106 200m 200m Platform (PC01B) Seawater pH (PHSENA) Sunburst - SAMI-pH
CE04OSPS-SF01B-2B-PHSENA108 20 to 200 meters Shallow Profiler (SF01B) Seawater pH (PHSENA) Sunburst - SAMI-pH
CE04OSPS-SF01B-4B-VELPTD106 20 to 200 meters Shallow Profiler (SF01B) Single Point Velocity Meter (VELPTD) Nortek - Aquadopp
CE04OSPS-SF01B-3D-SPKIRA102 20 to 200 meters Shallow Profiler (SF01B) Spectral Irradiance (SPKIRA) Satlantic - OCR507 ICSW
CE04OSPS-SF01B-3B-OPTAAD105 20 to 200 meters Shallow Profiler (SF01B) Spectrophotometer (OPTAAD) WET Labs - AC-S