The Oregon Slope Base Deep Profiler Mooring is located adjacent to the continental slope off the coast of Oregon at a water depth of ~2,900 meters. Here, ocean water properties are profoundly impacted by the California Current, and perhaps internal waves. The coastal region of the Pacific Northwest is a classic wind-driven upwelling system where nutrient-rich deep waters rise to replace warmer surface waters. The result is a large increase in marine productivity that ranges from phytoplankton to fish to marine mammals. Near bottom fauna are periodically negatively impacted by the flow of deep waters with very low oxygen concentrations (hypoxia events), and upwelling of corrosive, acidified waters onto the continental shelf.

As with other Cabled Deep Profiler Moorings, this mooring contains a Wire-Following Profiler that transmits data both through WiFi, as well as through an inductive link at its basal docking station that is connected to the cable.  The Wire-Following Profiler hosts six instruments and moves through the water column along the mooring cable, continuously sampling ocean characteristics over a specified depth interval (150 meters below sea surface to near bottom).  The fiber-optic cable provides the mooring with significant power and bandwidth and is co-located with a Low-Power Jbox, that collects complementary water property data.

When coupled with other Cabled Array and Endurance Array installations off the central Oregon coast, the Slope Base Deep Profiler Mooring will provide a wide variety of opportunities for observing coastal phenomena, including cross-shelf and along-shelf variability.


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Instrument Depth Node Instrument
Make & Model
RS01SBPD-DP01A-03-FLNTUA104 200 to 2,905 meters Wire-Following Profiler (DP01A) 2-Wavelength Fluorometer (FLNTUA) WET Labs - FLNTURTD (chlorophyll and backscatter)
RS01SBPD-DP01A-02-VEL3DA103 200 to 2,905 meters Wire-Following Profiler (DP01A) 3-D Single Point Velocity Meter (VEL3DA) Falmouth Scientific - ACM-3D-MP
RS01SBPD-DP01A-03-FLCDRA104 200 to 2,905 meters Wire-Following Profiler (DP01A) CDOM Fluorometer (FLCDRA) WET Labs - FLCDRTD (CDOM)
RS01SBPD-DP01A-01-CTDPFL104 200 to 2,905 meters Wire-Following Profiler (DP01A) CTD (CTDPFL) Sea-Bird - SBE 52MP
RS01SBPD-DP01A-06-DOSTAD104 200 to 2,905 meters Wire-Following Profiler (DP01A) Dissolved Oxygen (DOSTAD) Aanderaa - Optode 4831
RS01SBPD-DP01A-00-ENG000000 200 to 2,905 meters Wire-Following Profiler (DP01A) Mobile Asset Controller (ENG000) Teledyne Webb - G2 Slocum Gliders
RS01SBPD-DP01A-05-OPTAAC102 200 to 2,905 meters Wire-Following Profiler (DP01A) Spectrophotometer (OPTAAC) WET Labs - AC-S Deep