Primary Node (PN01D) at the Coastal Endurance Oregon Shelf Cabled Benthic Experiment Package (BEP) site provides power and communications to the Coastal Endurance Oregon Shelf Cabled infrastructure, including a low-voltage node and a low-power jbox. The Coastal Endurance Oregon Shelf BEP site is located on the Continental Slope, approximately 550 meters deep. The Continental Shelf-Slope area off the Oregon coast is a highly productive, dynamic upwelling environment. Upwelling brings nutrients to the surface sparking primary production and fueling the food web. In recent years, upwelling has also brought onto the shelf hypoxic, low oxygen, waters that can be harmful to organisms in the area. By sampling in this area, the OOI seeks to gain better insight into upwelling dynamics of this system.

As with other Primary Nodes, PN01D rests on the seafloor and is connected to the land-based shore station in Pacific City, Oregon via fiber-optic cables. Primary Nodes convert high power from the shore station to a lower power and distribute that power and communication to junction boxes within the Cabled Array through their science ports. Primary Nodes also receive data and communications from the junction boxes which they transmit back to shore.

This particular Primary Node, PN01D, provides power and bandwidth to the Oregon Shelf Cabled Benthic Experiment Package.