OOI Construction and Data Status Update: August 14, 2015

The Alpha II test was postponed until August 28, to ensure sufficient improvement in functionality and demonstrate that progress to the Users.  Additionally, as development of the uFrame software was progressing faster than the User Interface, it was determined that the Alpha II testing would be conducted from OOINet Build 6 in lieu of Build 5.2 (completed August 5).  Focusing the User Interface and Integration teams on Build 6 eliminated the possibility of needing to re-work existing functionality within uFrame.  Alpha II testing will be conducted by the same Alpha I testers in order to gauge the incremental improvements of the software and the incorporation of their previous comments in the new build.  Alpha II testing will consist of 28 testers including operations, science and management users from within the project, UNOLS OOSC, and NSF.  Build 6 is being integrated into the production environment. Once Alpha II testing is complete, we will finalize the number of participants for the Beta Test, and identify a process for external users to volunteer for testing.  Pre-commissioned data will be released as OOINet functionality improves, which we expect to occur with the completion of Build 6. Below is the proposed construction completion schedule.

Key Construction Milestones:

  1. Aug 28 – OOINet Build 6 integration and testing complete. Alpha II testing (internal) begins.
  2. Oct 07 – OOINet Build 7 integration and testing complete. Load and Beta testing begins. (Beta testers include existing Alpha testers, and a number of science community members. Criteria for selection of Beta testers will be released upon completion of Alpha II Testing)
  3. Oct 15 – Announcement of Commissioned System. Final User testing begins.

We continue to provide interim delivery of the Cabled Array seismometer and bottom pressure data through IRIS http://www.iris.edu/hq/.  Delivery of Cabled Array tilt meter and co-located temperature plots continue through Dr. Bill Chadwick’s website at http://www.pmel.noaa.gov/eoi/rsn/ .

The Irminger Sea, annual maintenance cruise is underway.  The ship is onsite and will deploy new moorings as well as recover existing moorings for refurbishment.

The Pioneer Array has completed construction with the deployment of two uncabled Coastal Surface Piercing Profilers and three gliders. We continue to evaluate the maturity of the AUV Dock and fuel cells for further development and inclusion during construction, and will make final determinations prior to the next maintenance cruise in October 2015.

The Endurance Array has completed all construction deployment.

The Cabled Array recently completed final construction with the installation of three Deep Profilers.  During the cruise they also completed scheduled annual maintenance, recovering/replacing profilers, J-boxes, and instruments.  As part of the cruise bathymetry work, the science crew identified what they believe to be the site of the Axial eruption in April 2015.  Good progress on the scheduled maintenance work allowed sufficient time for a single ROV dive to the site.  The results of the bathymetry work and the ROV dive can be found at the MGDC web portal.

Upcoming maintenance cruises include:

Pioneer – October 2015

Endurance – October 2015

Argentine Basin – November 2015

55S Southern Ocean – December 2015

The HelpDesk is online and available to help answer questions during this pre-commissioning period.