Zotero Now Connected to OOI-Related Publications

The OOI is now using Zotero as a back-end publications tool that is helping make OOI-related publications easier to find, sort, and share.  Since 2017, OOI has been keeping track of peer-reviewed scientific publications that either use OOI data or cite OOI as a resource for their findings. The list is closing in on 400, with 302 lead authors, representing 166 institutions from 26 countries making an efficient tracking, sorting, and accessing method essential.

The switch to Zotero was made to enhance users’ experience and to ensure easy tracking of OOI-related work. “For Zotero users, this tool offers many more import and editing options that will adapt to many workflows,” said Data Librarian Audrey A. Mickle at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. “Zotero offers more features and adaptability for users, such as adding items directly with a browser extension or choosing between web based and local clients, than were available with our previous publications sorting tool. By making this switch, we will enhance users’ experience while improving our own collecting, sorting, and posting processes.”

OOI is joining a huge Zotero community.  At least 7.5 million people have a Zotero account, which offers a similar platform to other commonly used bibliographic tools. This uniformity makes it easier for people to learn how to keep bibliographies on Zotero.

Added Jim Edson, Principal Investigator for OOI’s Program Management Office, “OOI is always striving to improve how we operate by making things more efficient, reliable, and durable.  Zotero meets these objectives, and we hope OOI data users check out our latest publication tracker supported by Zotero.”

If you would like to add a publication that we may have missed, please let us know here and we will add it to our list.