OOI Status Update: Raw Data Now Available

Raw Data Access for all OOI Arrays is now available from the OOI Website, and can be accessed here.

Files within this page are organized using the following file hierarchy:

    • Uncabled Assets: Site –> Deployment (e.g. D00001) –> Data Logger –> Instrument/Profiler


    Cabled Assets: Site –> Node

For help translating the directory structure, please refer to the list of Site-Platform Codes and Instrument Class Codes.

“Raw” indicates data as they are received directly from the instrument, in instrument-specific format. They may, depending on the instrument, contain data for multiple sensors (interleaved), be in native sensor units (e.g., counts, volts) or have some processing steps already performed.  Some of the configuration files associated with the raw data streams are included with those data in the raw data repository.

Please note that though all OOI Raw Data are stored by OOI, they may be available through another website, such as the low-frequency hydrophones and seismometer data, which is available via the IRIS website.

OOI platform and instrument metadata and calibration data to supplement these raw data are accessible via the Asset Management page of the OOI Data Portal.

Additional information can be found on the Raw Data page. If you are not able to find what you are looking for or having any questions, please ask the HelpDesk.