SBE 16plusV2

For more information about this instrument, including its available Data Products, please see the CTD (CTD) Instrument Class page.

Deployed Instruments

The following instruments of this make/model are deployed throughout the OOI. To learn more about an Array or Site, select its name. To see the relevant data streams for a particular instrument, select the instrument code in the first column which will take you to the OOI Data Portal.

Instrument Depth Array Site Node
RS01SLBS-LJ01A-12-CTDPFB101 2,924m Cabled Continental Margin Array Oregon Slope Base Seafloor (RS01SLBS) Low-Power JBox (LJ01A)
RS03AXBS-LJ03A-12-CTDPFB301 2,522m Cabled Axial Seamount Array Axial Base Seafloor (RS03AXBS) Low-Power JBox (LJ03A)