Girguis, Harvard


cabled Mass Spec

For more information about this instrument, including its available Data Products, please see the Mass Spectrometer (MASSP) Instrument Class page.

Deployed Instruments

The following instruments of this make/model are deployed throughout the OOI. To learn more about an Array or Site, select its name. To see the relevant data streams for a particular instrument, select the instrument code in the first column which will take you to the OOI Data Portal.

Instrument Depth Array Site Node
RS01SUM2-MJ01B-06-MASSPA101 811m Cabled Continental Margin Array Southern Hydrate Summit 2 Seafloor (RS01SUM2) Medium-Power JBox (MJ01B)
RS03INT1-MJ03C-06-MASSPA301 1,520m Cabled Axial Seamount Array International District Vent Field 1 (RS03INT1) Medium-Power JBox (MJ03C)