SME Spring-Summer 2016 Evaluations

The following subject matter experts have begun assisting the OOI data evaluation team in assessing the validity of OOI Raw Data from select sensors.  Specifically, these SME’s have been asked to assess whether or not the instruments are working properly and yielding data that are realistic.  As well as to examine whether or not the sampling protocol implemented for the deployment is appropriate to achieve the scientific goals of deploying that instrument.

Volunteers are listed with their assigned instrument.  Click the hyperlink for more information about each instrument:

  • Thibault Barreyre – Diffuse Vent Fluid 3-D Temperature Array (TMPSF) and Hydrothermal Vent Fluid Temperature and Resistivity (TRHPH)
  • Sebastien Bigorre – Bulk Meteorology Instrument Package (METBK)
  • Emmanuel Boss – Spectrophotometer (OPTAA)
  • Dave Butterfield – Hydrothermal Vent Fluid Interactive Sampler (RAFLS) and Particulate DNA Sampler (PPSDN)
  • Bill Chadwick – Bottom Pressure and Tilt (BOTPT)
  • Timothy Crone – HD Digital Video Camera (CAMHD)
  • Femke De Jong – Wire-Following Profiler CTD (CTDPF) and Dissolved Oxygen (DOFST)
  • John Dunlap – Horizontal Electric Field, Pressure and Inverted Echo Sounder (HPIES)
  • Jim Edson – Direct Covariance Flux (FDCHP)
  • John Hildebrand – Broadband Acoustic Receiver – Hydrophone (HYDBB)
  • Bob Jensen – Surface Wave Spectra (WAVSS)
  • Mei Sato – Bio-acoustic Sonar – Coastal (ZPLSC)
  • Ian Walsh – CDOM Fluorometer (FLCDR) and 2-Wavelength Fluorometer (FLNTU)

The Scientific Oversight Committee is working with the OOI data evaluation team to expand the SME effort to additional volunteers. Stay tuned for additional updates.