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[OOI in the News] Nature Magazine, Vol 534

(From Nature Magazine / By Alexandra Witze) US ocean-observing project launches at last. Network of deep-water observatories streams data in real time. Nearly 10 years, US$386 million and many grey hairs after it got the go-ahead, an enormous US ocean-observing network is finally up and running. On 6 June, the National Science Foundation (NSF) announced […]

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Secretary of State John Kerry

[OOI IN THE NEWS] OOI Highlighted in Secretary Kerry’s Remarks at Our Ocean 2015 Conference

The second annual Our Ocean 2015 Conference was held in in Valparaiso, Chile on October 5-6, 2015.  This year, more than 400 leaders dedicated to protecting the ocean participated in the conference with the goal for each to commit to concrete actions to protect ocean areas and marine resources. Secretary of State John Kerry gave opening remarks at the conference alongside of the […]

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Satellite imagery shows the exchange of warm core ring water (red) with the colder continental shelf waters (blue). Satellite imagery, however, could not help scientists determine the underlying process for the warm water intrusion; instead they used data from ocean robots or “gliders” recently installed off the coast of Massachusetts. The scientists have dubbed the events “Pinocchio’s Nose Intrusions” (PNI) because the warm intruding water continues to ‘grow’ for hundreds of miles, moving in the opposite direction from the northward movement of the Gulf Stream. (Illustration by Jack Cook, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)

[OOI IN THE NEWS] Gulf Stream Ring Water Intrudes Onto Continental Shelf Like ‘Pinocchio’s Nose’

Ocean robots installed off the coast of Massachusetts have helped scientists understand a previously unknown process by which warm Gulf Stream water and colder waters of the continental shelf exchange. (From — The process occurs when offshore waters, originating in the tropics, intrude onto the Mid-Atlantic Bight shelf and meet the waters originating in […]

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