OOI’S AGU Virtual Booth Schedule

OOI is hosting a virtual booth at AGU this year.  All events are free and open to those wanting to attend, including those not attending AGU.  Register for each event by clicking on the link in the event’s title.  We hope to see you virtually at AGU this year! For those attending in person, do check out these OOI-related presentations.

OOI’s Virtual Booth Schedule

Monday 13-Dec 4-5 pm Eastern MOVING THE PIONEER ARRAY TO THE SOUTHERN MID-ATLANTIC BIGHT Status of plans, permitting, and projected timeline for relocating the Pioneer Array Lisa Clough (NSF) Moderator, Al Plueddemann (WHOI), Derek Buffitt (WHOI)
Tuesday 14-Dec 2-3 pm Eastern INTRODUCING OOI’S NEW DATA CENTER: CREATIVE WAYS TO USE DATA How cutting edge techniques to analyze and visualize data are being integrated into research and education Anthony Koppers (OSU) Moderator, OOI’s New Data Center, Don Setiawan (UW) Interactive Oceans, Wu-Jung Lee (UW) EchoPype, Chris Wingard (OSU) Jupyter Notebooks
Tuesday 14-Dec 4-5 pm Eastern OOI AND OSNAP IN THE NORTH ATLANTIC What we are learning about the changing nature of the North Atlantic Al Plueddemann (WHOI) Moderator, Nora Fried (NIOZ), Nick Foukal (WHOI), Yao Fu (Georgia Tech), Isabela Le Bras (WHOI)
Wednesday 15-Dec 2-4 pm Eastern OOIFB’s DATA SYSTEMS COMMITTEE: USING OOI DATA IN THE CLOUD WITH PANGEO Be prepared to do science in real time via this hands-on interactive session in the cloud. Participants will be invited to log in, participate, and use real data during this workshop. Tim Crone (LDEO)
Wednesday 15-Dec 4-5 pm Eastern WHAT’S NEW IN THE UNDERSEA WORLD OF EARTHQUAKES AND VOLCANOES? Lead authors of high-impact papers present their findings on Axial Seamount using OOI and other data (i.e. 3D seismics) for an integrated view into this highly active volcano, what their next steps are, how OOI data will play a role, and ideally what tools they would like to have answer their questions. Deb Kelley (UW) Moderator, Suzanne Carbotte (LDEO), William Chadwick (OSU), William Wilcock (UW)
Thursday 16-Dec 4-5 pm Eastern OOIFB LIGHTNING TALKS REDUX For those who miss the lightning talk presentations during  OOIFB’s Town Hall, this is another opportunity to see, hear, and question Lightning Talk presenters Ed Dever (OSU) Moderator, Lightning talk presenters
Friday 17-Dec noon-1 pm Eastern WHAT’S NEW WITH DATA EXPLORER? A demonstration of how Data Explorer 1.2 can be used to address science questions using different data types Jeff Glatstein (WHOI) Moderator, Stacey Buckelew (Axiom), Wendi Ruef, Mike Vardaro (UW), Andrew Reed (WHOI)
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