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OOI at Ocean Sciences Meeting

OOI will have a large presence at the upcoming Ocean Sciences Meeting at the San Diego Convention Center, 16-20 February, 2020. Presenters will cover topics ranging from how OOI’s data are contributing to scientific findings, how data are being integrated into college curricula, and how equipment can be added to OOI arrays to meet research […]

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OOI Science Workshop, April 29-30, 2010, Tempe, AZ

The Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI) network began its construction phase in September 2009.

During the first project year we are conducting science community workshops to introduce ocean scientists, educators, and the broader science community to the full scope of the OOI network design and capabilities.

OOI Science Workshop, April 29-30, 2010, Tempe, AZ

Poster information:


All participants in the OOI Science Community Workshop are invited to present a poster on one of the following topics:

–       OOI Design, Instrumentation, and Science: Posters given by OOI scientists and engineers to highlight aspects of the OOI construction and the core scientific instrumentation that will be a part of it.


–       Observatory Sensor Technology:  Posters should focus on instruments and platforms (e.g., gliders, profilers) using technologies at the forefront of observing system science, including technology already being deployed around the world and technology in development.

–       Scientific studies and ongoing research at/near ocean observatories: Posters should focus on data being collected and utilized at sites of common interest to observatory science.

–       Scientific Projects using the OOI: Posters should focus on ideas and innovations for projects and proposals using OOI sensors and infrastructure.  These ideas can serve as a forum for generating discussion with OOI scientists, NSF Program Managers, and other community members.

–       Education and the OOI: Posters should focus on ideas and plans to use the OOI as a means to engage educators and the public using long-term, near-real time data.

–       Ocean Modeling and Observing System Simulation Experiments: Posters should focus on modeling and OSSE experiments and how scientists can build on them for future observatory research.

Poster guidelines:

–       Maximum poster size is 42″ by 42″.

–       Poster title and authors must be submitted by April 8, 2010

–       A short abstract (300 word maximum, no figures) describing the poster must be submitted by April 16, 2010 for inclusion in the workshop webpage and materials.  Abstracts should be submitted by email to lbrasseur [at] oceanleadership [dot] org in word format.

–       An electronic form of the poster (*.pdf) should be submitted by May 3, 2010 for inclusion in the final workshop webpage.

–       At least 1 poster co-author should be available during the poster session for at least ½ hour.

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OOI Science Workshop, Nov 11-12, 2009, Baltimore, MD

The first workshop took place on Nov. 11-12, 2009 in Baltimore, MD.

Presentations focused on descriptions of the OOI construction design, the multi-disciplinary sensors to be deployed, and the timeline for construction, data availability, and data access.

There were also presentations and discussions of science scenarios as examples of how the OOI network can be used by researchers and educators to advance a broad range of ocean science and education.

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