Shipboard Training Fellowship Announced

Call for applications:

2024 NF-POGO-OOI-WHOI Shipboard Training onboard Station Papa cruise

The OOI Station Papa Array is deployed in the Gulf of Alaska, close to 50° N, 144° 30’ W, at a nominal water depth of 4250 meters. The Station Papa Global Array includes subsurface moorings and gliders, providing information needed to address the role of the mesoscale flow field in ocean dynamics.

The Station Papa 11 (Papa 11) cruise primary objectives include the recovery and deployment of the Global Hybrid Profiler Mooring and the Mesoscale Flanking Moorings A and B, glider deployments and CTD casts with water sampling at the mooring and glider deployment sites for instrument validation and data verification. The will collaborate with the scientific crew in all sampling and deployment activities during the cruise.

What does the fellowship consist of?

Participation in the 19-day (28 May – 15 June 2024) cruise onboard R/V Sikuliaq

What is covered?

• Round-trip from home country to Seward, Alaska
• Seafaring medical examination and sea survival course
• Required safety equipment

What is NOT covered?

• Domestic travel in home country
• Visa costs and insurance
• Salary

Who can apply?

• Scientists, technicians, postgraduate students (PhD/MSc), and post-doctoral fellows (with priority to early-career scientists)
• Doing research in the fields of Climate Variability, Ocean Circulation, and Ecosystems; Coastal Ocean Dynamics; and Ecosystems
Ocean-Atmosphere Exchange

• National of and working in developing countries or countries with economies in transition.

When to apply?

Applications must be submitted by 4 February 2024 (23:59 CET)


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