AUV’s 101

A look at Hydroid’s Remus 600 Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV). Hydroid was selected to provide AUVs to support the Pioneer Array component of the Ocean Observatories Initiative. (Photo provided by Hydroid, Inc.)

Since the time of Homer and Aristotle, humans have been fascinated by the possibility of autonomous, self-thinking robots. Starting in the 1960’s digitally controlled robots using artificial intelligence were employed in an industrial setting, allowing for the production of goods without the need for human assistance.

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Gliders 101

Rising and falling though the water column, tracing a saw-tooth path, gliders travel the ocean collecting data day and night, in fair seas and foul weather.

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CTD 101

The first thing a Mother may do when a child gets sick is reach for a thermometer out of the medicine cabinet. For decades this simple instrument has provided a reliable and relatively easy way to collect data on human health.

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